Multimodal, multi-sensory experimentation–in service of mutual learning.

Blanket Forts

Blanket Forts

How do the spaces we inhabit inform our individual and collective identity? How might immersive, aesthetic experiences change the way we relate to each other? What affect might this have on decision-making? 

In August of 2018, my colleague María José Giménez and I launched Blanket Fort Community Potluck–an experiment in community development and network weaving in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Our ambition is to establish a community dialogue around the role of aesthetics in civic engagement and political decision-making. 

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December 21, 2018
We received a grant for $430 from our Local Cultural Council to support the co-creation of a blanket fort with local high-schoolers. The fort will be the site of a facilitated dialogue with youth about their dreams and ambitions. Together we will explore how these might be supported by the City (not the Government, but the City as a living entity). Stay tuned! 🐇